Blest by god's faithfulness
for 22 years
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mission statement
"knowing him and making him known"

Year End Worship Service Schedule:

1.Main, Tokai &Mikawa
- At Main Church 10:30am
2. Kita, Oharu & Ichinomiya
- At Oharu Grace Chapel 10:00am
3. Sagara
- At Immanuel Sagara 10:00 am.

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Who we are

Immanuel Christian Fellowship is one church in many locations. We are a community of believers committed to know Christ personally and continuously growing towards spiritual maturity...

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8 Congregations
In Tokai Region

We are one church in many locations in Tokai region. Our church is centered in Nagoya city. We have 7 Filipino congregations and 1 Japanese congregation.

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